Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi, so my "night out"...I got the idea to have this woman trick a man who she's going on a date with (to a restaurant based on PF Changs where they share a delicious plate of Banana Spring Rolls). When she goes back home with him, that's when she does the job....then my sketches turned American Psycho-ish. I'd like to do the two I quickly threw color on. 2 full 8 1/2 x 11, painted...


  1. Hey Kristin! I like the top piece alot, it makes me want to know what they are eating and where they are eating it, so that I can go there, too. I'm wondering if you can get some more seductiveness in here, however, because your plot seems like it has alot of potential to be dark-sexy rather than just gory. I would suggest looking at Steven Klein's photography, especially his Dolce Gabbana ads. http://www.stevenkleinstudio.com/www/index.html
    Also, will there be more than one illustration on each page or just one? I think Dan may have been looking for something a little more varied. And you can fit more of your storyline in, too!

  2. Oh, also: who designed the clothes you're using?

  3. Thanks Jen! Those Steven Klein photo's were sexy :P
    Yea I think I'll try to add some more scenes in to show how the night plays out. Originally I was just going to do the two I had colored, one scene on each 8 1/2 x 11 page. The two I colored were simply showing the beginning of the date and how it ends. Thanks for the suggestions!
    As for the clothes, I think I may dress them in more crazy/sexy outfits...I'm likin' Dolce Gabbana and Burberry

  4. I think she should murder him in a public space (an alleyway/hotel/more creative public space). That way, it fits the assignment better (a killer night out, not in) and creates a more interesting narrative than just a domestic murder after a date. Also, your digital colors are a little dull and can be uninspiring. I think your colors could improve by hand-mixing colors in a wet media. Maybe you could do this project in a media with more physicality than digital has? Oh, and before you go to final, make sure it's 8x11 and not 8.5x11.