Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tatiana, Avelina, & Mustafa

Waiting to be dressed now:



  1. YIKES Jennifer! You need to draw these yourself lady, and clean them up more...they are still a little messy looking. The point of the style dolls was to challenge yourself and see how you would translate the physicality of the clothing to your drawing style....not to photoshop photos of the clothing onto the models...How would you draw silk, fur, leather? You know? Try it out :)

  2. opps...ok. I'll do that... I'll probably hand draw the clothes and scan to color them, & touch them up.

  3. Luckily you have an extra week, now! I think some of the loose lines you use to define the form, muscle, etc are kind of working. You just need to pay more attention to anatomy (even if it is skewed intentionally to some degree). I also think that the digital rendering here isn't really doing much for you. You should think about doing it traditionally. The photoshop work looks really flat and rubbery. I think the same sort of thing in watercolor work work nicely. I think you should decide whether you're trying to be really clean, or loose and gestural. If you'd like what you do to come off as loose and gestural (and not sloppy) you should put in the time to figure out how to do something by hand that comes across as elegant and pleasantly swift of hand/brush. It's time to start considering a very purposeful stylistic direction. What do you like to see as a viewer? How can you make your work look like that?