Monday, February 15, 2010

Sketches and References

I was determined that for my couple's night out they should go ice skating, and so I set out to find appropriate outerwear and ice-skating venue. I tried to keep it in DC because I'm tired of everything being about New York, haha... and so I found the National Gallery of Art's yearly skating rink in their Sculpture Garden!

There, they can eat at the Pavilion Cafe and tour the sculpture garden and skate, while wearing their clothes from Michael Kors and Miss Sixty Fall/Winter 09.

And here are some references of the rink and surrounding area:

As for the sculptures from the sculpture garden, I think it might be better if I cropped them and only showed parts, rather than attempting to squash the whole thing in the frame, like I had tried to do originally...

1 comment:

  1. I love this spread! Such a smart composition. The flowwy-ness is not only attractive but perfect for your concept.

    I say yeah, just crop the sculptures. You could maybe add some poking out at the sides like the capital and the street sign. You could use a few more objects like that around the borders.