Sunday, February 14, 2010

Romantic places.

Donkey rides in Santorini, Greece. This one could be the most different/diverse. But the 'romance' needs to be brought out more somehow. The light will be daytime, and very clean- white and blue building dominate the landscape, and islands at sea.

 Dancing in Spain on a balcony, with a scenery of Castles. This one would have palm trees, and a variety of influenced architecture because spain has alot of colors/patterns/influences, and this one could be very beautiful, but this composition is probably the most bland....
Image at right is part of a castle at Toledo.

And of course,  a beach in the Caribbean. Where after the beach resort party, you can wonder off to the beach even at night and have your bikini ready to go underneath. This one could be the most romantic perhaps, and at sunset, and glamourous- clothes wise.  


  1. Hey Jennifer! I like what's going on in the colored one. It has potential to look really nice finished! But don't forget that the 1-2 pages need to be somewhat sequential, at night, like a little story of what your very fashionable people are up to. Also, the composition has to be vertical. I like your locations, though! What if they were all put together in one composition?

  2. That's a good suggestion... to put them together... could either be Europe as a whole, or Greece- like the city, tourist, and traditional life- country as a whole. I did them horizontally because I think I can combine it as a spread, but I'll come up with more options. I think so too that the beach one has more potential, for glamour, at the moment, and show-casing the clothes.