Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ice Creamz

O hai guyz, here is my sketch for the Night Out assignment. Mine takes place in an ice cream parlor!

These are a couple of my location reference photos:

And here are some of the clothes:


  1. Hey Janna! cuuuuuuute. Are your refs for the clothing from Polyvore? I haven't really used it before but I've noticed that there aren't credits to the designers on most of the collages I see from that site. Whose clothes are you using?

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  3. Hey Lady!

    You should slap some color on the sketches for dans class. I am not as familiar with your work as Dan is, but if going to dark is a issue, having a plan going into the color phase (like blocked out colors in thumb nails) might help. :)

    Love where this is going!