Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homework from last night

Hey everyone, here's my sketches for the Night Out piece. My concept is that this group of friends is out in Vegas and they go to Cirque Du Soleil and then they meet up with one of the performers afterward in a bar.

And my paper dolls for this week...


  1. Your paper dolls look great! Really fun. I really dig the new look you put on the redhead.
    Your sketches for the Night Out project start out a lot better then they finish. I think the idea has a lot of potential. What I'd suggest trying is pushing the whole thing a little farther into the circus theme in movement and composition. The first one is pretty nice (girls standing, worms eye-ish perspective). The second one is kind of out of place and not serving it's purpose. We're so close to him we don't really get a clear sense of exactly what he's doing. I'd suggest pulling back and showing the backs of the girls again reacting to what he's doing or arriving in their seats or something. I think we need the crowd and the stage. I also don't really care to see the detail in his costume. I'd save the close-ups for the attendees. The third one is kind of stiff. I think they could be reacting to one another, or something. Also the composition breaks the flow of the narrative. The fourth one is a pretty cool idea. I like the giant wall of bottles and stuff. The silhouette stuff could work nicely too. I think this might sound a little abstract, but what about thinking about the relationship between whatever the sets on stage and the movements of the performance looked like and the twisting gestural movements of people interacting and moving around in the crowded bar/lounge? The middle piece has a lot of potential. I like the gestural quality of the drawing in it. I think overall the best thing for you to think about with all of these is the idea that these performers are super-dynamic, and all of your angles and compositions should mimic that. You need way more diagonal movement in these. Theres a ton of stiff vertical stuff. That brings me to the last one. I think the guy is a little boring just standing there. Especially when he's a super exciting performer guy. I don't think he needs to be standing on his head or anything. I just think it might be nice to have him weaving through a crowd gracefully, or raising a glass or something. I don't know. Think about it. Good start though!

  2. Oh, and I forgot. These pieces are supposed to be composed to fit in a vertical orientation on the page. I'm not sure how yours work in that way.