Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final sketch/idea for a (glamourous) romance abroad theme.

(Hi Class, my apologies for not being there last class, was in an incident and had to make sure I was ok...) 
These were my initial sketches/ideas. Rescanned/better quality.

Dancing  upon a balcony, over viewing a Spaniard town, also with balconies, and palm trees and a castle in the distance. 
Riding donkeys in Santorini. Greece, island background, alot of true blue seas and sky.
Walking to the beach after diner in the resort of near by, and conveniently having a bathing suit underneath. 

I have combined the beach theme and riding donkey activity into a more substantial, true narrative...

    "LOVE ABROAD," where young (tourist/foreign) single(s) fall in love, inspired by true stories I've     heard of. So scene one, they pass by each other on the edges of santorini riding donkeys, where they     first glance by eachother...

    Scene two, they meet down below, in the Grecian sea shore, where they will have a picnic with olives     and wine, very Grecian, and I was given the idea to place the donkeys in the background, which are     yet to be put in....

I'm pretty excited about this narrative... if there are any suggestions, please let me know :)

These sketches aren't beautiful at all, but this is the basic concept and layout.

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